Boracay is a tropical island located in the center of the Philippines. This small paradise is just 7 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide at its narrowest point.


Beginning of the tourist boom started in let 70’s when German writer published a book about the Philippines describing Boracay’s exceptional beauty.

In addition to its natural values Boracay has large number of superb dining options, as well as fantastic nightlife scene.

It is also know for best wind conditions in Asia during winter time, so you will meet a lot of windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts enjoying wetsuit-free weather and wind often between 15 – 25 knots.



By Plane


There are regular cheap flights from Manila to Kalibo Airport (90 minutes bus trip from Boracay Island).

Smaller planes fly directly to Caticlan Airport (30 minutes to Boracay Island).

Flights are operated by: AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines.


By Ship


A Ferry from Manila to Caticlan or Dumaguit, near Kalibo. The trip to Boracay takes between 12 - 17 hours.

Ferries are operated by MBRS Shipping Lines, WG&A and Negros Navigation 2Go Travel.


By Land


Travelling by bus is possible with many stops and ferry crossing across Philippines. Probably the cheapest way, but also the longest.


However you arrive once you reach Caticlan Jetty Port you need to take a short boat trip before reaching Boracay (20 minutes).


Bulabog Beach Lagoon with its vast, shallow and flat waters (600m of waist deep water), on – shore wind from 15 – 25 knots , air temperature between 28 – 32 degrees Celsius became wind sports capital of Asia.

Our spot is world renowned for its best conditions for both beginners and professionals.

Lagoon is separated from the open sea by the reef, where you can enjoy small waves during high tides.



Language:  Tagalog, Visaya (Philippine major dialects), English is widely spoken.


Currency:  Philippine Peso. Credit cards are accepted at most big hotels, resorts and shopping malls. Major currencies can be exchanged at banks and currency exchange counters.


Electricity:  220 Volts AC, plug converter required for most countries.


Transportation:  Mountain bikes, Tricycles, Scooters, public vans. (no public bus or taxi)


Airport:  Caticlan Airport in Malay, Aklan


Attractions: Beautiful White Beaches, Nighlife, Caves, Water sports, Island Hopping, Mountain Hiking, Sailing, Diving,


Internet Access: available in most resorts and restaurants.

Personal Internet Sim Card/Devices can be purchased in mobile phone shops on the island with fast (4G) connection.


Drinking Water: When out and about, carry or buy bottled mineral water. Potable water from the Boracay Water System is used in the better resorts and restaurants.


Food: Huge variety of Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, French, Italian and other international restaurants.