Kiteboarding Courses


INTRO (IKO Level 1 – Discovery)

Price: 3000 php per person

Time: 2 hours individual or 3 hours group 


INTRO Course covers first level of IKO teaching program.

You will learn about various aspects of the sport, wind patterns and directions, spot conditions, safety rules, equipment set up and control of the trainer kite.

Intro is perfect start to the sport and if you are not sure if kitesurfing is for you this course will help you to decide.




















































1 DAY COURSE (IKO Level 1 +)

Price: 6800 php per person

Time: 3 hours individual or 4 hours group.


In addition to IKO LEVEL 1 skills your Instructor will teach you how to control the kite in the water, recover your board (bodydrag) and perform self-rescue.

It’s a perfect way to get into the sport if you have very little time, as it will take you to the level just before waterstarts. We will give you certificate proving your skills so you can continue next time from the level you already achieved.

BEGINNER COURSE (IKO Level 1 + 2 Intermediate)

Price: 19000 php per person

Time: 9 hours individual or 12 hours in the group.


IKO level 1+2 course is a full course you need to take if you want to become independent kiteboarder.

You will learn all skills required to rent equipment in most of the places worldwide: control kite, recover board, self-rescue, waterstarts, short rides both directions and controlled stop.

We will issue the International IKO certificate upon completion of this course.

ADVANCE COURSE (IKO Level 3 Independent)

Price: 11200 php per person

5 hours individual or 7 hours in the group


Once you achieved level of riding short distances you might like to book for an advance course. This will ensure you progress faster and become fully independent rider. You will learn how to ride upwind, controlling your speed by edging, make your first turns, switch transition and jumps.

What’s next?



Price: 2800 php per hour (school equipment) or 2240 php per hour (own equipment).


If you are dreaming about coming back from holiday with a new trick this lesson is for you. Our highly skilled instructors will adjust the teaching to your level and push your limits to improve a specific move you want to learn. Whether it is your first jump, backroll or railey we will make sure you will have some new moves to show off.