The center has variety of boards for rental; from Patrick boards and Point-7 sails for beginners, intermediate-advanced boards such as 151-171L, freestyle wave boards, freestyle boards, freerace boards, slalom boards to quad-fin wave boards.

Also, the center has an array of sails that windsurfing guests can choose from; from beginner sails, slalom sails, freeride sails, wave sails, race sails to freestyle sails.


Time                                       PriceEquipment                      Insurance (Optional)


1 Hour                                    Php900                                     10US$


2 Hours                                  Php1700                                   12US$


3 Hours                                  Php2150                                   15US$


Half Day(4 hours)                 Php2600                                   18US$


1 Day                                      Php3900                                   20US$


1 Week                                   Php13500                                 50US$


2 Weeks                                 Php24750                                 85US$


3 Weeks                                 Php32175                                120US$