Bolabog Beach Kiteboarding is located at the heart of Bolabog, Boracay. We are the biggest school teaching windsurfing and kitesurfing in Boracay. Our IKO-certified instructors aim to equip you with the best knowledge and experience that is in line with IKO-standards. We sell, supply (rent out ) and offer storage for your kiteboarding/windsurfing gear as well as full equipment.


Of all the surf spots in the world, Boracay's Bolabog beach has won the hearts of many. Elemental beyond beauty the spot offers a vast stretch of  powdery, white sand, calm, butter-flat, turquoise water that in a distant, blends in with the brilliant hues of blues of the sky - not to forget the most important element - good wind!


Bolabog beach is heart and hearth to a large global community of kiteboarders. You can find delightful company, delicious food of various cuisines as well as bars and other hang out places that will tug your heartstrings and keep you coming back!


Boracay kitesurfing season is from November to April.

All at one place - Bolabog Beach Resort offers a luxurious ambience (with amenities like pool, restaurant/cafe, a bar and much more). The Hotel and Resort is just right next to Bolabog Beach Kiteboarding which provides you the comfort and convenience you need. 

For bookings/reservations, (036) 288-12-24 or

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